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I just got sonar 4 producer edition, and it says that my sound car is incompatable with it,
is there a list of compatable sound cards? or does anybody know off hand?

thanks in advance


Its been a long time but, I have music I finsihed that most peole in herewould dig, hit me up if you wanna hear the tracks
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My Mixset

Hey everyone....
Just wanted to put a link to the mixset I recorded while down in Miami last weekend with my friend Matt. It's really edgy, techy breaks, some acid, and some other good shit. GET IT PLEASE, AND COMMENT! I'll like... love you or something.
Download Right Here!

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anybody know anyone locally that fixes synths for a reasonable price?
I have an alesis Ion and i need to replace the keys, if you know any place that does this many thanks
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Nobody ever post stuff in here so
I just got an Alesis Ion for 500 bucks
and does anybody here use Fl studio?
also does anybody have industrial soundng drum loops or samples they could send my way?
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I promise this will be the last post about my newsletter, The Realm. I just wanted to shout out some info about it:

Content will include:
news, promotional articles and links, artist spots, interviews, original editorials, and vinyl/cd reviews, and more. Focus will be on largely unheard artists and up-and-coming artists

Genres of music included: anything electronic, from trip-hop, breaks, house, progressive, and everything else

The newsletter will be evolve over time, eventually becoming largely reader submission based!!

Click the link below to subscribe!

All you gotta do is put SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

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hey, lol yeah i went to ultra a couple weeks ago, and it was the bomb, i was really dissapointed about not getting to see BT though . . :[ if anyone wants to go next year i GREATY recomend it. :D and i will be getting a cddj set up this summer these are the players i want, if i was rich that is rofl about 1,000 a pop. lol just wanted to share that. oh btw they are Technics SL-DZ1200 Direct Drive Digital Turntables lol hmph i also want CDX's by numark, *sigh* key word : want lol ill prolly end up getting some Denons, pioneers or american audio. k im done now :] plur <3

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